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Amongst the many dreams last light:
Cocktail party on a white balcony of a multi-story California hill house. Watching the neighbor relocate a flood lamp down the pole so it wouldn't glare into his eyes when he was sitting on his balcony.
Then, the hostess letting us in on a secret for why her parties always end at the right time and never fizzle out - she casts an Unwelcoming spell, and everyone suddenly decides to leave. The spell makes a nearby crane (the long-legged bird kind) become overly friendly and it joins the party, munching on canapes.
A group of Star Wars commandos breaking into Darth Vader's house to rescue a slave. One of the commandos is left behind. While Vader is in his meditation chamber, the last commando sneaks out a finds a robot selling cheap costume accessories, and tries to purchase a knock-off Indiana Jones-style outfit, replete with a 45-caliber revolver and bullwhip. The revolver only comes with blanks, but then it turns out, being an escaped slave without ID, it doesn't matter anyways.